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Our friends at Powerline offer convincing proof of what we all know to be true. Lower taxes work. Now, why is this important? Well, if you read the whole article, then you will come to realize where you marketing dollars are sure to bring the most bang for the buck. And, if you’re overseas looking for new entry points into the US landscape, pay attention.

Power Line – California vs. Texas: The Verdict Is In

California vs. Texas: The Verdict Is In
November 1, 2009 Posted by John at 8:32 PM

Texas, increasingly, is the economic and intellectual leader of the U.S. During the last 18 months before the current recession took hold, while the country as a whole was still creating jobs, more than half of those jobs were created in a single state: Texas.

Texas has usurped the leadership position that, decades ago, belonged to California. Today California is in decline, likely irreversibly so. William Voegeli draws the sad but instructive comparison in the Los Angeles Times:

In America’s federal system, some states, such as California, offer residents a “package deal” that bundles numerous and ambitious public benefits with the high taxes needed to pay for them. Other states, such as Texas, offer packages combining modest benefits and low taxes. These alternatives, of course, define the basic argument between liberals and conservatives over what it means to get the size and scope of government right. …

California and Texas are not perfect representatives of the alternative deals, but they come close. Overall, the Census Bureau’s latest data show that state and local government expenditures for all purposes in 2005-06 were 46.8% higher in California than in Texas: $10,070 per person compared with $6,858. …

Confronted with a stark choice between government dominance and freedom, Americans are voting with their feet:
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